Since being appointed, Representative Kalish has been working tirelessly in his Prescription Drug Affordability committee to link various stakeholders together who, through compromise, can decrease prescription drug pricing for Illinoisans. While the pharmaceutical industry benefits from federal laws that shield them from a large portion of proposed state legislation, Representative Kalish believes that compromise can be reached through talks, cooperation, and expanded aid programs.


Continuing his predecessor’s work, Representative Kalish is dedicated to fighting for mental health parity and easier accessibility to treatment. During his first year in office, Representative Kalish Chief Sponsored the Behavioral Health Ombudsman bill — a piece of legislation that would create an Ombudsman Office under DHS in an effort to enforce parity laws, and ensure that consumers are getting what they are afforded under the law.


An Orthodox Jew, Representative Kalish is familiar with being on the receiving-end of bigoted and hateful comments. Since 2016, the exponential spike of anti-Semitic, racist, and bigoted crimes and violence has once again proven that much work remains on that front. Representative Kalish is adamant about using his platform to speak up against acts of hatred and racism, and be a voice for those who fall victim to such acts.


Representative Kalish firmly believes that women, or anyone who falls victim to sexual or domestic abuse should have a safe and protected path to report their abusers and seek the help they need. He has been working closely with the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault in order to ensure that victims feel safe, and have adequate resources to pursue their abusers and receive therapy, protection, legal counsel, and anything else they may need.


More common-sense gun legislation is needed in order to create a safer environment for all. Now, with a Democratic Governor who isn’t bought by the NRA and will not veto every piece of gun legislation that reaches his desk, Illinois finally has a chance to move in the right direction. Stricter background checks, increased stipulations on ownership, and requirement for proper handling and training for those who do own guns are just a few of the proposed pieces of legislation Representative Kalish supports.